Thursday, May 28, 2009


So in a nut shell, this is a lot of my work from spring 2009.  All of it is for sale or if you like the way something looks i'm more than willing to remake it to make something like it just for you! email me if you're interested in anything.  remember: nothing is actually worth more than 50 bucks

Animals In Illustration

FYI: i love to draw animals so if you need a portrait of your favorite one, personified or not, i'm totally into it. 


These are Illustrations from Spring of 2009,  Included is a Magazine Illustration(evil office mates),  Unsolved mystery (who the hell finished the milk?), and book cover illustration (Who the hell finished the milk?)

Self P

My one and only self-liked-satisfying-self-portrait

Po- Ems

Concrete Poems,  The Man says Man, the Boy says Boy.  I'm amazing at poetry


These are lots of Bodies i doodle a lot when i'm trying to test out new media or i'm just bored, etc...